Get an Asset's Book Value

The current asset depreciation is automatically calculated for you and simply requires the following information to determine the book value:

  • Purchase Date
  • Service Life
  • Purchase Price
  • Replacement Cost
  • Salvage Value
View the book value of an asset

1. Click on the Assets tab on the left menu bar.

2. From the All Assets list, find the asset you wish to find the current value for. The current value of the asset will be displayed directly from the list page.

If the current value is zero or seems inaccurate, follow the steps in the next section to verify that the asset's information is correct.

Check if you have all relevant depreciation information for your asset

Take these steps to verify and update the relevant asset deprecation fields.

1. Click on the Assets tab on the left menu bar.

2. From the list of all assets, click on the asset you wish to check.

3. Under the Financial Information section to the right, check that the highlighted fields below are filled with the correct information.

4. If any of the information is incorrect or incomplete, click the Edit button at the top right. Otherwise, you may skip the remaining steps in the section.

5. Change the highlighted fields below to contain the accurate lifespan and financial information.

6. Click the Save button to update your asset's details.


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