Set Up Your Account

Register for an Account

1. Go to the Asset Connect website.

2. From the Sign In page, click the click here to sign up link.

3. Complete the Registration form with your information. Once you have checked that all the form information is correct, press the Submit button.

Confirm your Account

4. You will now need to confirm your account. Check your inbox for an email from BIAS Software with the subject Email Confirmation.

Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see a confirmation from BIAS in your primary inbox.

5. Click the confirmation link in the email to verify your email.

6. You will be directed to the Asset Connect site and see the following message.

Setup your Billing

All subscriptions include a 7 day free trial. Your credit card will not be charged until the trial has ended.

7. Return to the Asset Connect Sign-In Page and sign in using the credentials you created in step 3.

8. You will be directed to a page asking you to choose your subscription. Please choose your subscription.

9. A checkout form will appear once you select your subscription plan. The form will guide you through the required steps to set up your billing.

If you selected the Multi-User plan (as shown above) you may modify the quantity of additional users in your subscription.


For example, if you will have 8 people who will need access to your Asset Connect organization, you would select a quantity of 3 additional users.

If you will have 5 of less users, you may press the remove button to exclude any additional users.

10. Once you have successfully setup your billing, you will be able to start tracking your assets!

If you wish to manage your billing at any time, you may do so in your organization settings.

If you encounter a problem and are unable to create an account, please contact BIAS Support for further assistance.


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