How do I create a duplicate asset?

There are two methods to Duplicate an Asset. The first is from the Asset List view using the Edit Asset drop down menu. The second is in the Asset Detail screen under the red Actions drop down menu. Both accomplish the same thing.

Method #1

1. Click on the Assets tab in the top left of the window.

2. Search for the Asset to duplicate in the search bar.

3. Locate desired asset in the list and click the Edit drop down menu located on the left in the same row.

4. Click on Duplicate Asset.

5. A Duplicate Asset window will appear. Enter all new information for the new asset and click Save.

The Serial Number field will be blank to ensure that the Duplicate is NOT an exact copy of the original asset.

Method #2

1. From the Asset Detail screen, click the Actions drop down menu in the top right.

2. Click on Duplicate Asset.

Continue with step 5 above.


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